Why does “Vimy” hold such a prominent and largely undisputed place in dominant narratives of Canadian identity? How can we respond thoughtfully and ethically to its legacies?

See the collection from our pinathon here

Date/Time: Wednesday April 26, 4-6

Location: Canadian War Museum, Atleier B (but meet in the lobby)

Description: Using archives and digital tools, the workshop will explore the resonance of Vimy in contemporary Canadian culture. In the first half of the workshop we will visit the new “Vimy – Beyond the Battle” exhibition at the Canadian War Museum in order to gain insight into the role institutions play in nation building and forging shared cultural identities. We will also engage with how museums shape historical narratives and how interpretation facilitates acts of memorializing. In the second half of the workshop we will learn about metadata topics, copyright, and crowd-sourcing as we built our collection. We will also have access to archives and a special presentation on representations of the First World War in other countries.

We will use Historypin to create a digital collection/monument/intervention responding to the question “Why Vimy?” by linking our photos of the exhibition with various archives and images of other sites/locations/monuments.

Feel free to invite friends, family, and colleagues. The event is public and open to participants of all ages.