Session 1: Of Theory and Praxis (Thursday January 21, 6-8 pm, GSD 307, above Café Nostalgica)

Come and join our panelists Peter Hodgins (Carleton University) and Deepika Grover (an Ottawa-based creative problem solving practitioner) explore the terms and actuality of cultural memory in Canada today. The discussion will be moderated by Cynthia Sugars (University of Ottawa)

Session 2: Theatre and Historical Memory (Thursday February 4, 6-8 pm, MRT 628)

This session (which will take place in Morisset Library, room 628) features two speakers and dramatic readings from sources that engage with history and memory. Emélie Perron-Clow will be presenting: Playing with History: Historical Accuracy and Vintage Stock Theatre and Jennifer Thivierge will lead a discussion entitled: Is Affective Engagement Effective Engagement? Considering the Use of Drama to Teach History in Secondary Schools.

Session 3: Wartime Rapes: Narratives and Memories of Intergenerational Trauma (February 18, 6-8 pm GSD 307, above Café Nostalgica)

Mythili Rajiva (University of Ottawa); Agatha Schwartz (University of Ottawa); and Tatjana Takseva  (St. Mary’s University) will present on the challenges of memorializing wartime sexual violence and its legacies.

Session 4: Canadian Museum of History re-thinking and re-visiting (March 3)

David Morrison (CMH) will give us ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the re-development of Canada Hall at the Canadian Museum of History.

Session 5: Diasporas and Local Memories (March 17, GSD 307, above Café Nostalgica)

Paul Birt (University of Ottawa, Modern Languages) “A Celtic Tango: Hybridity and History in the Welsh-Argentine Diaspora”, May Morpaw (PhD candidate in Spanish, University of Ottawa) “Inscribing Croatian Cultural Memory in Chile’s Imaginary”, and Rebecca Margolis (University of Ottawa, Modern Languages) “Yiddish as a key to Jewish cultural memory in Canada.”

Session 6: Exploring and Exposing Museum Authority: A Workers’ Look at History (April 14th, meet at the Oscar Peterson Statue outside the NAC)

Sanna Guerin, president of the Workers’ History Museum,  will lead us on a critical walk through the city centre focusing on issues pertaining to workers’ history.