Session 4: January 17, 2018, 6-9PM
Presenter: TBA
Title: Sandy Hill: Creating Past Informed Futures
Location: All Saints, 317 Chapel Street, Ottawa (Tentative)


The goal of this workshop is to bring diverse community members together to discuss challenges facing Sandy Hill, to develop collective priorities and ideas for creating positive change, and to explore options for strategic action.

The workshop will follow a four-part program:

1. Presentations on Sandy Hill’s history and heritage, its changing demography, and the projected impacts of the City of Ottawa’s economic development and planning priorities on Sandy Hill.

2. Breakout groups to brainstorm the following:

a. How can we create and integrate livable and affordable student housing units without sacrificing the neighbourhood?

b. What do we want to preserve of Sandy Hill’s built heritage and what are we willing to offer up for change? How do we wish to direct that change?

c. What amenities do we need in Sandy Hill and what are we willing to go outside of our neighbourhood for?

d. How can we attract the diversity of community members necessary to bridge the growing divide between students and homeowners?

e. How can we build and sustain inclusiveness and community cohesion such that both long and short-term residents are actively engaged in building a better Sandy Hill now and in the future?

3. Group presentations followed by a larger group discussion.

4. Assess next steps: discuss common priorities and possibilities for strategic action.

Everyone living in Sandy Hill, including short-term residents, is welcome to attend. Refreshments will be provided.

See the full proceedings: CMW_SH_brief.